Glow Travel Sleep Easy

Glow Travel Sleep Easy
Glow Travel Sleep Easy
Glow Travel Sleep Easy
Glow Travel Sleep Easy
Glow Travel Sleep Easy
Glow Travel Sleep Easy

Glow Travel Sleep Easy

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The perfect travel companion to support your sleep on the go.

Never leave home without your Glow Travel Sleep Easy, 3-in-1 unit. Small, compact and rechargeable you can maintain your sleep routine on the go with Pink Noise, Red LED Light and a Scent Nebuliser! The slim design of our unique travel unit will run all night with no need to use any water!
Use your Glow Travel Sleep Easy for 2 or 4 hours, or let it run all night long.

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      More about the features:


      Compact and easy for travel.


      Long-life rechargeable battery to support day naps and a full nights sleep!

      Red LED Light:

      Red LED Light Therapy encourages the brain to produce more melatonin - the hormone that prepares our cells for sleep.

      No Water Needed:

      No water needed for scent nebuliser and will run all night! Promotes deep, relaxing breathing and helps to ease congestion and illness.

      Pink Noise:

      Organic pink noise creates a consistent soundscape to prevent unnecessary wake ups and help the brain achieve deep Slow-Wave sleep.

      Aromatherapy (8 weeks and up):

      Aromatherapy calms the mind and nervous system.

      Age Group:

      • All Ages


      Instructional Video:

      Interested in our 30 Night Sleep Guarantee?

      This product includes our 30-Night Money-Back Sleep Guarantee! This guarantee is only available for a limited time only!

      Here is everything you need to know:

      If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, we will be happy to provide a full refund for up to 30 days from the day your item is delivered to you.



      • Compact, light and fit easily into cupholder of your car or pram. Fits easily into your purse, nappy bag or even the side of a backpack!
      • No water needed to support the aromatherapy.
      • Long-life rechargeable battery to support sleep anytime, anywhere.
      • Allows consistency of your little ones routine without impacting your day to day life. No need to choose between one or the other!
      • Includes a 2 or 4 hour timer to support day naps or wakes for feeding.
      • Runs up to 12 hours to support an entire night of restful sleep.
      • Can be used from birth.
      • Pink Noise remains in the safe decibel rating for developing ears which means even on the go, your little one is safe with Glow.


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