The miracle sleep aid getting children to sleep in minutes

Glow Dreaming takes the battle out of sleep time, making it the restful beautiful experience it should be.

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Glow Dreaming helps children struggling with Separation anxiety, Self-settling, Night terrors, Teething, Transitioning, Delayed sleep, Spectrum, Dream feeding, Multiple wakes, Days sleeps, and Co sleeping

Glow Dreaming combines natural therapies with science

How it works

"My son still uses it every night,
it has changed my life 😁"

Melissa Wilson
Executive Editor of,,

Glow Dreaming has already helped over 50,000 families. We'd love to help you too.

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How does the Glow Dreaming
actually help us sleep? 

Pink noise

Enhances brain activity associated with the deep phases of sleep as well as improving memory retention and focus.

Red light therapy

NASA technology used to stimulate the body’s Melatonin production, so your body knows it’s time for sleep.


A medicinal grade organic essential oil designed especially for children to calm the mind and relax the muscles.

Glow Sleep Specialist

Trained experts here to help you every step of the way with unlimited advice and sleep strategies.


Cool mist technology to help ease breathing, prevent snoring, stop the spread of airborne viruses and maintain a more even room temperature.

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Karah Parnis

Sleeping and self-settling in his own room

child not sleeping

Melanie Lee

Glow Dreaming has changed my life

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