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Absolutely amazing! My son (12weeks) will now self settle to sleep each sleep and during the night will put himself back to sleep!

Lindi R.

Started this since my daughter was born she’s only 2 months old, we feed, wrap and put her in her bassinet and sleeps straight through the night 10-7pm!

Rhiannon M.

My oldest has had issues with sleep since he was born. He is now 7 and I hadn’t had a decent nights sleep for over 7 years!!  After 2 nights he only woke once and going on 4 weeks he has been sleeping through the night consistently.

Sarah B.

Our baby boy used to get up every 2 hours and now he stays down most nights for 6+ hours and up to 8-9 hours sometimes.

Jose D.

We bought our Glow Dreaming when one of our twin daughters began having nightmares and anxiety about sleeping. She loves her Glow Dreaming and it has given us all much more restful nights. Highly recommend!

Ebony T.

My daughter was waking up multiple times during the night and since using the glow dreamer she hasn’t woken once during the night.

Rebecca K.

Hailed by media as the sleep MIRACLE!