Functions of the Glow Sleep Easy

When we say that the Glow Sleep Easy is scientifically engineered for sleep, we really do mean it! We have worked with leading professionals, designers and engineers to bring you a product that does exactly what we say it does, bring you the sleep you need and deserve.

We wanted to give you a deep dive into the functions of the Glow Sleep Easy, so you can see exactly what sets us apart as the #1 Sleep Aid in Australia.

NASA Red Light Technology.

Red LED Light Therapy encourages the brain to produce as much natural melatonin, the sleep hormone, as possible. ​This is also the same technology used by NASA to help astronauts keep a healthy sleep routine.

​Melatonin is what triggers our cells to relax and send us off to sleep, so increasing melatonin production helps make settling to sleep easier and quicker.

Melatonin also supports our natural body clock (circadian rhythms), this tells our body the best times to sleep and to be awake, reducing unnecessary night waking.​

The Red LED Light is so gentle on the eyes that you can leave it on all night. The Glow Sleep Easy has 3 light settings which all relate to various levels of light sensitivity. ​

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Ultrasonic Cool-Mist Humidifier

We know that because babies do best at the higher end of this range, at least 40%.​

Using the humidifier on the Glow Sleep Easy will help keep the humidity in your bedroom within these healthy levels.

The humidifier produces Cool Mist via a vibrating ultrasonic plate, so the Glow is extremely safe to keep in your baby's room. The lockable lid design means that your little one will have a hard time spilling water even if they get curious about their Glow Sleep Easy.​

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Green To Rise

Early waking is a problem many families must manage once their child can get up and out of bed by themselves. Our Green to Rise Light gives little ones a gentle visual cue to let them know when it's time to sleep and when it's time to start the day.

Parents use the Glow Sleep Genie App on their phone to set the time for the light to​ switch from red to green.

The Green Light is also a popular nightlight for children with ADHD or ASD, as well as little ones who are overstimulated by the Red Light. We recommend in these cases to use the Red Light during Wind Down only, to stimulate natural melatonin, then use the Green Light overnight.​

All little ones need to learn to manage big feelings - a Calm Corner is a great way to give your little one the tools they need to process big emotions in a healthy way. Green light supports focus and attention, so it's great to use the Green Light when little ones are in their dedicated space for calming down.

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