Charlotte Galluzzo

Last night was our first night for Liam to sleep in his own room, it was also our first night using glow dreaming. The nerves were kicking in all day as Liam usually wakes every 2-3 hours and our bedrooms are quite a far distance apart. Well last night he slept for 5 1/2 hours, you got it 5 1/2 hours and settled himself back to sleep, I didn’t have to rock him back to sleep. I honestly can’t thank @glowdreaming enough, I was sceptical at first because it has been a long 8 weeks for this new mum and a hubby who works FIFO 😪 but enough of the negative! Last night the FIRST night using this machine it has proved me wrong and the reviews on this machine are truly right. 🙏🏼 It truly is a miracle machine and can’t recommend this enough!

Ly Nguyen

Our Glowdreaming Story: Savannah was about 9 months when we decided to get this red light noise making smelling misty machine.
She was sleeping generally well but then the regression came and stuck around… for a while. First couple of days using the machine.. it didn’t work. I was really disappointed. But after some advice from the glowdream team and a few tweeks to the settings…IT WORKED.  I couldn’t believe it. Think she just needed to get used to the new thing in her space as well. Transitioning into her own room was even easier than i thought too. Not a peep on her first night. And whenever we’re away from home we make sure we bring it along too. Now she is almost 2 and still uses it every day and even turns it on and off herself! We love it.


As a mum who hadn’t slept in a couple of years due to the hourly wake-ups by the kids, glow dreaming has helped our family greatly. It only took a few tweaks to the settings of our Glow Dreaming with the help of the fabulous Glow Dreaming team and we now have a beautiful little girl who falls asleep faster and wakes up much happier and cheekier.

Dani Ryan

We love our glow dreaming and wish I found out about it before I had Indie otherwise we would have used it from birth! We purchased our Glow Dreaming when she was about 12 weeks old and we’ve loved it ever since we literally take it everywhere we stay away it has literally been our absolute life saver! 🙌 we also bought one for our best friends who have just had their baby and have recommended them to sooooo many people already! It’s helped Indie through sleep regressions, teething and she has self settled every night since we started using it! We were in shock that it actually worked. Before the glow dreaming nothing worked to get her to self settle and I never wanted to get in the habit of rocking her to sleep but we were so surprised that the glow dreaming worked like a charm! In other words we couldn’t live without it


It seemed like everyone else’s child slept through the whole night except mine 😒 Lucas used to be a troubled sleeper, from newborn up until almost 3 years old he was waking up every few hours, there was not a single night that he had slept through. Being pregnant with our second baby, I was extremely exhausted and at my wits end, until we discovered Glow Dreaming. Not only did Glow Dreaming help him fall asleep quicker, he also started sleeping through the WHOLE night! 🙌 I was quick to purchase another for the new baby after that! His ‘bunny lamp’ as he calls it, has helped him transition smoothly into his new big boy bed 😄 We also love the feature of the green light and how it winds him down for quiet reading time before his midday nap

Karlie Furlong

SLEEP! This little magical device has helped us transition sweet Romee girl out of her magical Snoo and into her big girl cot! We hit a little bit of a sleep regression when I attempted to move her the first time so I hopped on and ordered a Glow Dreaming and when it arrived we had success within 3 nights: back to sleeping the whole night! I would 100% recommend one of these to help set up healthy sleep habits for little ones. I was happy to tinker settings myself to get it perfect based on knowing what Romee likes, but they even have sleep specialists who can help you out.