Why Does The Sound of Water Help You Sleep?

Ever wondered why the sound of rolling waves or pouring rain helps you sleep?

These soothing background noises are more than just peaceful--technically, they're 'non-threatening'. Our brain interprets non-threatening noises as a signal that says, "Don't worry, you're alright". These signals actually work to block out potential external sounds that trigger our alarm system. This is a common problem most parents face with their children during the night. They're "light sleepers" and are sensitive to noise that can cause stress and anxiety.

Children also have wild imaginations, which is why a noise that isn't necessarily alarming to us, can be exponentially more alarming to them. Why is this all relevant? Our internal alarm system, that jolts us up out of deep sleep, is part of our evolutionary biology. It is deeply ingrained in us, and cannot be easily disarmed.

The solution for light sleepers? Pink noise.

Pink noise is a natural occurring acoustical energy that can be detected in heart beat rhythms, steady rainfall and waves lapping on the beach. This helps slow and regulate your brainwaves, and has been proven to increase your patterns of deep sleep (hello 8 hours!). The sound at first may be strange to listen to, however our pink noise is naturally derived. There is nothing artificial about it (as opposed to white noise), and therefore triggers the non-threatening signals to your brain to help you feel calm and less anxious. As a result of this soothing sound, your child will be able to find sleep quicker, get into a slow wave sleep cycle, which will mean less tossing and turning and intermittent wake-ups.

Even in the event of waking up during the night, the sound will help your child fall back asleep quickly, and in many cases, without the assistance of a parent even being present to calm them back down. The sound can be something you can implement not only into your child's bedroom routine, but during the day too! Not only will your household benefit from the low hum of the pink noise, but your children will become accustomed to its presence (plus everybody will feel a lot more tranquil which is a bonus!). So parents of light sleepers, have no fear. Pink noise is here! Learn more about the science behind Glow Dreaming

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