Why do we recommend having the Glow 1 metre away?

We recommend placing your Glow dreaming unit 1 metre from the edge of your baby’s sleep space, on a hard surface and level with your little one’s eye sight when they are lying down.

Here’s why:

The pineal gland, inside the brain, absorbs signals from our environment to determine when it’s time for us to sleep and to wake up. One of the main signals the brain uses to manage our sleep cycle is changes in lighting: when the brain detects that the environment is getting darker, the pineal gland will naturally start to produce the hormone melatonin, which prepares our cells for sleep and makes us feel drowsy.

Red light further supports the pineal gland to naturally produce melatonin: as the brain is absorbing these light signals through our sense of sight, it’s best to place the Glow unit where you little one can clearly see the light whilst lying down.

If you don’t have a spot in the bedroom for the Glow to sit that is within 1 meter of your baby’s sleep space, it’s okay to place it up to 2 meters away.

Likewise, if you can’t place the Glow in your baby’s exact eye sight, it’s best to place it up higher that your baby’s cot (rather than on the floor), where they can clearly see it while lying down, to get the best possible effect from the red light.

Keeping the Glow 1-2 metres from the edge of the sleep space also ensures you get the best effect from the pink noise too: our pink noise blocks out other household sounds that might disturb your baby’s sleep, so we want it fairly close by for the best effect. Maintaining the 1m distance ensures the volume is not too loud for your baby: the Glow has three volume settings so you can find the best volume for your family, all of which are calibrated to keep your little one’s hearing completely safe.

The pink noise creates a consistent soundscape for your little one overnight, which relaxes the brain. The deep frequency that is unique to pink noise (deeper than it’s cousin white noise) encourages the brain to achieve deep, Slow-Wave sleep.

It’s very important to place your Glow Dreaming on a hard surface; soft surfaces like fabric, carpet and even rattan can muffle the sound from the speaker and reduce the effectiveness of the pink noise.

Ensure the cool mist from the ultrasonic humidifier is pointing towards your little one, so they can get the fullest effect of the mist as it disperses through the room. The gentle increase in humidity is great for soothing swelling in the nasal passages, and making it easier to breathe through congestion, allergies and illness.

If the bedroom is smaller than 2 meters by 2 meters, we recommend keeping your bedroom door ajar overnight to allow the best circulation of air through the space as you sleep.

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