White Noise Vs Pink Noise: The best natural sleep aid option could be in a colour change

In the battle to get your baby to slip into the land of nod, you’ve probably tried a number of natural sleep aid options – such as white noise. There’s no doubt that white noise can help mellow the mood and set the soundtrack for a good night. But when you’re downloading white noise apps at 2am, or sacrificing your home music system to the nursery, you might wonder if your choice of background noise for your sleep struggle will ever become a victorious anthem. But have you ever considered that choosing a new colour might hold the key to a good night’s sleep for you and your baby? Introducing…PINK noise. You read correct – switching from white noise to pink noise is a more effective colour combination to induce sleep.

White Noise V Pink Noise

In a nutshell, white noise is a manufactured sound. It’s only purpose is to drown out the background buzz. It might seem peaceful (and we hate to break it to you…), but using white noise to send your baby to sleep might actually be undoing all your hard work. Here’s why:
  • White noise isn’t a natural sound, so while it’s playing your baby’s brain is actually stimulated as it tries to decipher what it’s hearing
  • White noise doesn’t help your baby to drift into Slow Wave sleep (Hint: Pink noise does).
Alternatively, pink noise emulates natural sounds, making it the ultimate natural sleep aid.  Queue the waves lapping rhythmically along the beach, the waterfalls pattering and heavy rain lashing a forest! Calming, isn’t it? These natural sounds have the same sound frequency that pink noise uses, which actually helps to slow and regulate their brainwaves so they’re ready to sink into a Slow Wave sleep. ‘But why is Slow Wave sleep important?’ we hear you ask. It’s simple: Slow Wave sleep is commonly known as ‘deep sleep’. It’s the part of the sleep cycle everyone strives for – the moment when you slip into that shut eye stage of beautiful, fully-switched-off-and-recharging sleep. Bliss!

Why haven’t I heard of Pink Noise before?

Good question! You’re probably wishing someone told you the difference between white noise and pink noise much earlier! The good news is, you’re not too late to give your little one the natural sleep solution of pink noise and fast track your family to a better night’s rest. Glow Dreaming swears by pink noise as part of its natural sleep solution and offers three preset volumes to choose from to suit your individual needs. Glow Dreaming has helped over 65,000 parents achieve well-deserved rest the natural way. If you’re looking for a natural sleep solution, today is the day. 
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