What does the Green LED light do? Our free gift to you....

We’ve talked so much about red LED light and its benefits for sleep, but why does Glow Dreaming have a green light?

Great question…. and it’s about time we answered!

Now I could get super technical and start talking about chromatherapy and light wavelengths but let’s be honest, not many of you have the time or need to read through pages of technical jargon. So….. let me get straight to the point.

The science behind it

Green LED light is perfect to use during the day. Studies by the Harvard Medical School and the American Society of Psychiatry had found that two hours of daily exposure to green light was effective in improving mood, motivation, focus and mental wellbeing. The research actually discovered green light was effective in treating depression and symptoms caused by seasonal affective disorder.

OK my apologies, I got a little technical after all. In a nut-shell, some people - especially children - get grumpy, bored and depressed during the winter months. A lack of light can and will have an affect their mood. 

What’s the benefit for me?

If your child is in a cranky mood, throwing tantrums or just seems sad then letting them play in a room running the green LED light will help improve their mood and focus. Use the Green LED light for homework and learning to improve focus and alertness.

While Glow Dreaming is really all about sleep we take a real interest in improving the overall happiness and wellbeing of your family. We could have built a whole new device and sold it separately but it costs us nothing to put in the Green LED and offer families that little bit more.

Take advantage of the technology

Now you know. Use the Red LED light at night to get your child to sleep better than ever before and during the day if you notice their mood isn’t what it should be or you just want them to be a little more focused run the Green LED light. You can run the humidifier with just water to help reduce the chance of cold or flu but no essential oils are required.

I hope this has answered your question of, why we’ve added a Green LED light. Now it’s time for you and your family to enjoy the benefits. 

Much love Cara xx

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