Vaporisers Vs Humidifiers: A new generation of baby vaporisers are a breath of fresh air

Winter has well and truly arrived – and so has the congestion and coughs which tend to wreak havoc on little throats and noses. Now is the time when you’re likely to retrieve the good old trusty vaporisers and humidifiers from storage cupboards. But which device is more effective and how do they help your baby sleep?


It’s in the name! Vaporisers heat up water to disperse steam into the air, which helps to break down all that mucus and congestion. Think of it like a mini sauna in your little one’s bedroom. While the heat can help your child to breathe easy, be cautious when using the device for your child as the soaring temperature is a safety no-no. This factor alone is one of the reasons why many paediatricians recommend opting for a humidifier to treat your bub.


Humidifiers send cool mist into the air, creating a culture which makes it easier to breathe and encourages rest. It’s a tested and tried method to beat the symptoms of the common cold – but without the worry that the unit will be too hot or burn a curious child. Having a humidifier will also restore moisture into the airflow of your home, working wonders to provide protection against dry air which is common during the winter months. Of course seeking relief from being clogged up isn’t a parent’s only consideration when their bub is unwell. There’s also the added concern that they’re too restless to get the sleep needed to quickly return to full health.

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