Is the sound on my Glow Dreaming too loud for my child?

Let’s start by appeasing those worries, for the majority the answer is no – babies and young children can listen to sounds that reach up to 80 decibels, which is considered the loudest amount of decibels that is safe for your child’s developing hearing. Glow Dreaming’s loudest volume setting is 70 decibels and mimics the same frequency heard in nature, similar to heavy rain or rushing water. This is called ‘Pink noise’, a slow wave sleep sound therapy that is proven to help you go to sleep – where as white noise just blocks out background sounds. You can learn more about our Slow Wave Sound Therapy here. To give you a more in depth understanding on what 70 decibels really sounds like, let’s take a look at some real-life examples:

Real life examples

  • 60 decibels = Air conditioner
  • 70 decibels = same volume as a normal conversation that is taking place 3-5ft away, a dishwasher or shower running
  • 80 decibels = Dial tone of a telephone
  • 90 decibels = Train whistle at 500ft OR the blood running through your blood vessels and the movement of your stomach and intestines while you’re pregnant!

So unless you’ve got a whistling freight train in your child’s bedroom, you’re pretty safe! It’s interesting to note that the sound inside your womb can reach up to 90 decibels, this is a comforting, continuous sound for your baby and this is what they are used to hearing 24/7. While this would be too loud coming from a sound machine and could actually damage your child’s developing hearing, 70 decibels has been proven to be safe for developing ears and this is why our device goes no louder than this. For us as adults we’ve developed our hearing a little further.

Every day we as adults are exposed to various sounds, with varying levels of pitch – so for us the continual sound of the loudest pink noise volume isn’t ideal, we tend to sleep better on a medium or low volume setting.

If you feel you need some help with your Glow Dreaming settings please contact our Glow Sleep Specialists.


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