Set up a Calm Corner with your Glow Green Light

Have you ever wondered what the Green Light in your Glow can be used for?

There are a lot of ways our families use the Green Light, and one great way is to use it in a Calm Corner.

Big Feelings like anger, frustration, jealousy or even excitement can be tough for our little ones to process. Young children simply aren’t able to self-regulate the impact of these emotions.

Our little ones need our help to learn how to work through Big Feelings in a healthy way: they need the grown ups in their lives to provide tools and techniques for experiencing intense emotions in a positive way, rather than lashing out or throwing a tantrum.

One way you can help your little one move through the highs and lows of Big Feelings safely is with a Calm Corner. A Calm Corner is almost the opposite of a time-out space: instead of asking your little one to sit in a plain, quite space as punishment while they reflect on their behaviours without support, a Calm Corner is a space where your child can sit and use toys, sounds and sensory experiences to help them process their Big Feelings. It’s great to introduce a Calm Corner when your child is about 18 months old (younger children need to co-regulate their emotions through closeness to their trusted grown ups).

Set up a space in your home (it doesn’t have to be an actual corner!), usually in your little one’s bedroom or playspace, which is dedicated as the Calm Corner. You can put anything in here that you know will help your little one work through their feelings, such as:

  • Something comfortable and soft to sit on
  • A soft, comforting toy to cuddle close
  • A toy on a roller, spinner or balanced-base that your little one can push and move energetically
  • A heavy blanket A tool to help them recognise and name their emotions (this could be a picture on the wall, or flashcards or a hand-held toy)
  • A favourite book

Try to set up the Calm Corner near a window so you can open it up to give your little one some fresh air if they need it. You may find you need to try some items first and then swap them out for other things that work better for your little one.

Use the Green Light on your Glow Dreaming while your little one is in their Calm Corner – your little one can even turn it on themselves! The Green Light supports focus and attention: it’s great for those times when you want to ensure your little one has enough light to see by without overstimulating them.

Run the humidifier on your Glow Dreaming with the recommended drops of aromatherapy oil: this promotes deep breathing and relaxation. The first few times you use the Calm Corner, it’s important to use it together with your little one, so you can show them how to get the benefits from the space.

Sit with your little one and practice taking three or more very deep, slow breaths. Encourage them to engage with the sensory toys and items in the space to help them work through their feelings. Help your little one name and identify the emotion they are experiencing.

A Calm Corner can make the experience of managing Big Feelings much easier and healthier for everyone!

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