Protect your sleep routine while travelling!

Little ones thrive on routine and can find even small changes to their normal patterns really upsets the apple cart – even as adults, we often find that the first night sleeping in a new bed can be a rough sleep. 

Like us, our little ones use many different cues to help settle to sleep and stay asleep overnight. This includes familiar smells and sounds, the comfort of familiar bedding and toys, comfortable temperatures and of course a cuddle with a loved one! 

When we go on holiday we want to rest and relax, so it’s critical to ensure the whole family is getting the best sleep possible. Glow is here to help with the power combo of the Travel Glow Sleep Easy and the Perfect Sleep Sensor! 

Bring your Perfect Sleep Sensor with you on holiday and set up the battery-powered sensor in your little one’s new room, so you can be sure that the temperature and humidity are spot on for a great sleep. Don’t let unfamiliar draughty or sweltering rooms, or dry air from heaters and air conditioners jeopardise your rest on holiday. Take out the guess work and let the Perfect Sleep Sensor tell you if the room is too cold, too hot, too damp or too dry. The Perfect Sleep Sensor will also tell you at a glance which TOG to dress your little one in for the most restful sleep. 

Hotels, Airbnbs and guest bedrooms can be full of strange noises for your little one, and the smells of unfamiliar washing powder and bedding can make it hard for them to feel settled and safe, preventing them from settling to sleep. The Travel Glow Sleep Easy is here to help you bring the familiar elements of your home sleep routine with you whenever you’re away from home! 

Use the aroma nebulizer...

to gently perfume the air with your favourite Glow Dreaming essential oils. Smell is the sense most closely linked to memory, so it’s great to bring the familiar aroma of Glow Lullaby with you on holiday, to help soothe and reassure your little one in a new sleep space. The aroma nebuliser is completely waterless, so no risk of spillage and no need to fill the tank while you’re travelling – just add oil to the nebuliser and you’re good to go! 

Use our Red LED Light therapy...

to encourage the brain to produce more natural melatonin, the hormone that helps us wind down and become drowsy, making settling to sleep easier and quicker. The Red LED Light also provides a handy nightlight that is super gentle on the eyes and can make your little one feel more comfortable navigating an unfamiliar room in the dark. Red Light supports our natural body clocks, and so it’s also a great tool to help recover from jet lag on longer, more exotic holidays! 

Use our genuine Pink Noise...

to cover up strange creaky floors or squeaky doors, or noisy parents enjoying their evenings on holiday! Pink noise is the organic cousin of white noise, we love it because the sound is super consistent and even, covering up sounds that could disturb sleep and creating a smooth soundscape that helps the brain achieve deeper, slow-wave sleep. 

The Travel Glow Sleep Easy is fully portable and rechargeable, just plug in the USB cable to recharge on the go. The Travel Glow is compact and sleek: it takes up almost no room in your luggage and even fits snugly into a cupholder in your pram or car! 

Glow Dreaming helps you set up a robust sleep routine at home and away – bring your routine with you on holiday so you can get the rest and relaxation your family deserves! 

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