How to Get NDIS Funding for Glow Dreaming

We’re incredibly proud to be a Registered NDIS Provider here at Glow Dreaming.

We often get questions on how NDIS works in conjunction with the Glow Sleep Eco-System Range, so we’ve partnered up with Serena Piers, an Occupational Therapist at Confidence in Kids to bring you some answers to some of our most asked questions.

What is the process involved to get funding for the Glow Sleep Easy and other products in the Glow Sleep Eco-System product range? 

Anyone with funding for consumables in their core budget is able to get a glow dreaming product, as long as their NDIS goals are related to improving sleep (the outcome of getting a product from glow dreaming) or improving behaviours that are secondary to fatigue and being tired. If they do want this resource, an OT would be required to write a letter justifying why they need to purchase this resource. 

What are the steps to get funding? 

The steps involved:

  1. Ensure there is enough funding in consumable funding (core budget) 
  2. Check NDIS goals can somehow relate to sleep and how purchasing a glow dreaming product will improve sleep. 
  3. Get OT to write a letter justifying how purchasing the glow dreaming product will help improve NDIS goals for client. 
  4. Make purchase and then give letter and bank details to plan manager to be reimbursed OR have an invoice created from glow dreaming and send this, along with the letter to the plan manager to be paid. If the client is self-managed, they can make the claim themself through the portal and keep the letter in case they are audited. 

Why is the Glow Sleep Eco-System Range something that is recommended to help those who have NDIS funding and struggle with sleep?

I have used this product for many 5 years now, since my oldest was a baby and to this day, he still uses the glow dreaming, as does my youngest baby, our friends, family members and clients. We recommend this product to everyone we speak to, and it is also my go to baby shower gift as it has made such a big difference In my life personally, which is the reason it is so easy to advocate for this product and explain to other families how it can make a big different for their kids. We have found doing the wind down with the pink noise, humidifier, and brightest red light, not only helps the kids wind down, release melatonin naturally and fall straight to sleep, although also helps then sleep better through the night. It also helps the transition to different environments such as going for sleepovers or on holidays, as it helps take the familiarity of the home environment on holidays. 


How can families get NDIS funding? Where do they begin on their journey and how do they know if they’re eligible?

  • If kids are under 6 years of age, then can apply for funding through benevolent society and they can use this funding until they turn 7. Families can apply for this without a diagnosis and have a meeting to see if they qualify for early intervention support. 
  • Kids 7 and over go through Carers Australia. 
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