How after 3 years of child induced sleep deprivation I found something that actually worked

After 3 years of getting up at least 10-15 times every night we are all finally getting the sleep we need.

“This is a story we hear over again and again and to be honest I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it” says Glow Dreaming co-founder Cara Benau. “Just over 12mths ago my husband and I launched Glow Dreaming and we never expected it to take off so fast. There are so many people really suffering under the weight of sleep deprivation and with each family we help I feel an immense sense of satisfaction”.

There are so many products out there promising the world but none of them are willing to back it up with a money back guarantee and that’s where Glow Dreaming is different. Glow Dreaming puts its money where its mouth is with a 14 day sleep guarantee. The amazing thing is that on average the magic happens between 6-10 days so you can verify the results before the refund period runs out.

So what is it that makes Glow Dreaming so successful? “Our research and development process was ruthless and we have chosen to work with only the world’s leading experts” says Cara.

“No other product out there tackles sleep from so many different perspectives and that’s where Glow Dreaming’s success comes from. You have numerous products that provide one or maybe two sleep solutions in one, like white noise or a night light, but sleep issues are far more complex than that and coming at it from only one direction means you’re essentially taking a lucky dip to success”.

Glow Dreaming brings multiple solutions to sleep issues:

  • Red LED light therapy
  • Humidifier
  • White noise
  • Medicinal grade aroma therapy
  • Child safety including cool mist technology

Glow Dreaming now has over 100 verified testimonials on its Facebook page and that number is growing every single day. One thing that every testimonial has in common is that they started off a sceptic, but ended up saying thank you for giving them back their sanity and sleep.

Glow Dreaming has become much more than just an online store it’s become a community of families suffering under the weight of sleep deprivation, all supporting and helping one another. There is no shortage of mum’s and dad’s willing to answer your questions on the Facebook page There’s also plenty of great information and research on the Glow Dreaming website for those looking for a little more.

Cara is also always on hand to help, answer questions and offer advice where necessary. For most Glow Dreaming just works straight out of the box but for some it can be a little trickier. That’s where the experience of nearly 10,000 customers comes into play. Having faced nearly every possible scenario, Cara has tips and tricks for most situations and is always happy to help.

For those who are suffering, it seems that sleep is finally at hand with a little help from Glow Dreaming.

If you've had enough of your sleep issue and want Glow Dreaming to help click here 

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