Enhance Your Child's Sleep with Glow Dreaming Essential Oils

Are sleepless nights with your little one leaving you exhausted and desperate for a solution? Look no further than Glow Dreaming Essential Oils, designed specifically to support your child's sleep and overall well-being.

Let's explore how these oils can transform your bedtime routine into a peaceful and restful experience for both you and your child.

Tailored Support for Every Need

Glow Dreaming Essential Oil range offers a variety of blends to cater to different sleep-related concerns:

  1. Glow Lullaby: Crafted to induce deep sleep, this blend sets the stage for a tranquil night's rest. Simply add a few drops to your Glow Sleep Easy Humidifier or your Glow Travel Sleep Easy Scent Nebuliser to create a soothing atmosphere conducive to sleep.

  2. Glow Breathe Easy: When congestion strikes, this essential oil comes to the rescue. With its congestion relief properties, it helps support your child during colds and coughs, promoting easier breathing for a more comfortable sleep.

  3. Glow Defence: Supporting healthy recovery, this blend is your go-to when your little one is battling coughs and colds. Infuse it into your bedtime routine to aid in easing symptoms and promoting a speedy recovery.

Australian Excellence in Every Bottle

Rest assured, Glow Dreaming Essential Oils are backed by Australian expertise and quality:

  • Australian Designed & Owned: These oils are meticulously crafted in Australia, ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficacy for your child.

  • Industry Leaders: Partnering with Australian Botanical Products (ABP), a reputable supplier of essential oils, guarantees that only the purest and natural ingredients are used in every bottle.

  • Safe from Birth: From the moment your baby enters the world, you can trust Glow Dreaming Essential Oils to be gentle and safe. They are suitable for use from birth, as well as during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  • Devoted to Quality: Quality is non-negotiable. Every oil used in Glow Dreaming blends undergoes rigorous quality control measures, ensuring traceability and purity from source to bottle.

  • Direct from Source: Ingredients are directly sourced from growers and producers, maintaining the integrity and freshness of the oils throughout the production process.

  • Pure & Natural: With a meticulous focus on sourcing, every component of Glow Dreaming Essential Oils is carefully selected for its purity, species, and quality grade, providing you with a product you can trust.

Transform Your Bedtime Routine

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to restorative sleep with Glow Dreaming Essential Oils. Whether you're seeking deep relaxation, congestion relief, or support during illness recovery, these oils offer a natural and effective solution for your child's sleep needs. Make them an essential part of your bedtime routine and watch as peaceful, restful nights become the norm.

Curious about dosage recommendations?

Newborn - 8 weeks 1 - 2 drops
8 weeks – 6 months 1-2 drops
6 months – 2 years 2-4 drops
2 years – 5 years 4-6 drops
6 years – 8 years 6-8 drops
8 years+ up to 10 drops
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