Hayfever or Asthma disrupting you or your child's sleep?

Have you or your baby been struggling with sneezing, dry eyes, itchy skin or dry throat? 

Hayfever season is upon us again, and it’s set to be a hard year for people who suffer from even very mild allergies, let alone those of us with asthma! 

Hayfever and asthma symptoms can be super disruptive to our sleep, causing us to feel restless or to wake up coughing. Sometimes you can experience congestion and blocked sinuses, which make it hard to breathe deeply overnight. Hayfever can also cause skin irritations like rashes, hives and eczema, and that itchy sensation can make it really hard for us to settle to sleep. 

We want to throw the windows open to let in that beautiful Spring sunshine, but of course this also brings in the pollen which can trigger hayfever and asthma. Remember this pollen can land on your freshly washed bedcovers and pyjamas if you hang them up to dry outside – during allergy season, it’s best to dry your clothes inside to keep your family safe from pollen and other hayfever triggers. 

Although the days are getting warmer, the nights are still very cold, so many of us are still using central heating or oil heaters to ensure that bub’s room is the right temperature overnight. 

Running heating (and air-conditioning) dries out the air in our homes, which can further aggravate hayfever and asthma symptoms like dry nasal passages and dry throats.  

Viruses like colds and flu also thrive in cold, dry air conditions: so if the air in our homes gets too dry this can increase our risk of catching bugs.  

Gently increasing the humidity in your home and bedroom in particular helps keep your family safe from viruses and can ease the symptoms of asthma and hay fever.  

The National Asthma Council recommends we keep indoor humidity at between 30-50%: this healthy humidity range will prevent the nasal passages from drying out and will reduce symptoms like itchiness, dryness and swelling. 

What can you do?

Running the ultrasonic humidifier on your Glow Dreaming with plain, fresh tap water is a great way to maintain healthy humidity levels in your home, to help ward off illness and manage symptoms of asthma and hayfever.  

The Glow’s humidifier will help prevent any swelling or dryness in the sinuses, and helps to thin out mucus when we are unwell, so it can drain away more easily to relieve congestion. 

Fill the water tank of your Glow Dreaming with 450ml fresh tap water and set it to the Overnight setting: on this setting, the humidifier will run at least 10 hours or until the water tank is mostly empty. The Red LED Light and Pink Noise will stay on all night until you turn them off in the morning yourself: only the humidifier will turn off in the night when the water level is very low.  

If your bedroom is at least 2m x 2m you can close the door while the humidifier is running: if you have a smaller space, just keep the door ajar to allow the best air circulation. 

Running your Glow Dreaming humidifier each day helps protect your family against cold and flu, and helps minimise the impact of conditions like hayfever and asthma. Pop it on 20 minutes before taking your baby to bed so that the conditions will be perfect when you begin to settle your baby for the night, and they’ll be taking deeper, more relaxing breaths all night long.  


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