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    • Glow Dreaming Unit
    • Glow Lullaby Oil
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    • Glow Dreaming Unit
    • Glow Lullaby Oil
    • ICRA Sleep Program
    • Designer Sleeve Of Your Choice
    • 30 Night Guarantee
  • Supreme Sleep Premium Bundle


    • Glow Dreaming Unit
    • Glow Lullaby Oil
    • Immunity Boost Oil
    • Nose and Chest Oil
    • ICRA Sleep Program
    • Pattern Sleeve
    • Australiana Sleeve
    • Sun Moon Cloud Sleeve
    • 30 Night Guarantee

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The age selection is to help you find where to start.

You will see each page has an outline of issues you may face, it is to further help you understand how the unit can help your situation.

The Glow Dreaming will grow with your child! After purchasing a bundle, you will only need to repurchase the oil when you run out, that is all.

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Using 28 scientifically engineered questions, ICRA builds a tailored sleep program that matches you and your child’s personalities. Over 14 days ICRA will check in with you regularly, keeping you on track for sleep success.

At the end of your 14-day ICRA program we give you the peace of mind you deserve by providing an extra 7 days support with one of our sleep specialists. Sleep has never been more accessible.

For more information on ICRA, please see the link below.

This is a quiz (takes less than 60 seconds) to figure out the best settings for your child.

Every day before each sleep you should empty the water out and refill the tank with fresh water.

Maintaining your Glow Dreaming is simple and easy to do. You should clean the device once a week, following this process:

Empty your Glow Dreaming out and fill it with warm/hot water from the tap and add one tablespoon of white vinegar.

Let it sit for 30mins, then empty and dry out with a soft cloth or paper towel. (Just be careful of the sensor in the middle of the base).

You can also wash the lid(s) but be careful of the smaller inner lid as it has a fragile little piece of plastic holding it together. (You can remove he inner lid by being very careful but it is not necessary) Wash the lid(s) with warm soapy water and let them air dry.

You can use other oils in the Glow as long as they are good quality and not synthetic as they can damage the unit.

#1 Ranked Sleeping Aid On Independent Website, Product Review.

Designed with leading experts in their field, Dr. Bo Hendgen and Dr. Ir. Stéphane Pigeon.

Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Not Tested On Animals, VEGAN, 100% for Mother and Child.

Over 88,000 followers on social media

Over the course of 4 years, more than 100,000 families and 120,000 children have gotten the sleep they deserve because of Glow Dreaming

Headlining in media across the world.
Print, Radio and TV.

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