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Glow Dreaming helps families overcome:

Real parents. Real results


"Last night was the first time all year we didn't have a meltdown at midnight...she wasn't distressed or even crying"


"Thank you for blessing our household with this amazing product. Genesis is sleeping in up to 3 hours extra with no wake-ups at night"


"Went out last night for my first proper night out in two years...Evie has turned a corner! Thank you Glow Dreaming"

Get to sleep. Stay asleep.

"I have something life changing to share with you"

"The miracle invention that made my non-sleep sleep"

"Weary parents in a frenzy over 'life saving' lamp that puts their crying babies to sleep in minutes"

Why parents use Glow Dreaming

Co-Sleeping Teething Transitions Regressions Spectrum ADHD Separation Anxiety Night Terrors Falling Asleep Staying Asleep Better Quality of Sleep Nap Times
Routine Separation Anxiety Early Risers Stress Self-Care Room Environment Wind Down Temperament Behaviour Less Wake-up's