The 7 reasons why Glow Dreaming has become the best invention for parents with problem sleepers.

1.    The humidifier makes breathing easier, improves comfort and has been proven to reduce the risk of cold and flu’s. It is ideal for children who snore, have asthma or get sick often. 


2.    The red LED light used by Glow Dreaming combats the damage caused to our sleeping patterns by technology, helping reset our internal clocks. Red spectrum light has been scientifically proven to help tell our bodies it’s time for sleep. Children are even more susceptible to the damage caused by the blue light waves emitted by the screens and lighting we use. 


3.    Twinkle Star was especially created by one of the world’s leading aromatic medicine, osteopathy and naturopathy specialists Dr. Bo Hendgen to help children sleep. Using only medicinal grade organic essential oils Twinkle star relaxes and calms even the most active child helping their bodies and minds get ready for sleep. 


4.    The gentle whooshing bubbling sound emitted by Glow Dreaming is another tool used to calm and soothe the most restless child. If they do wake, it together with the other features ensures your child is able to soothe themselves back to sleep without disturbing you.   


5.    Designed for children, Glow Dreaming has all the safety features you need and want for your child. With coolmist technology, Glow Dreaming produces a cool touch mist with the entire unit being always safe to touch.  The auto switch off function ensures even when you forget, Glow Dreaming is always looking after your child


6.    Glow Dreaming hasn’t only been tested by us on our own children; we have now helped close to 1000 families without a single return. Our testimonials speak for themselves. It is the unique combination of features Glow Dreaming brings together that makes it so effective in bringing sleep to those who need it most.


7.    With a 14 day full refund policy there is no financial risk. We are so certain Glow Dreaming will work for you that we have a no questions asked return policy if you aren’t 100% satisfied. Our research, technology and ongoing customer success ensures that Glow Dreaming will give your child the best sleep they’ve ever had night after night. Remember that means you can now get the time and sleep you need for you.