How our Glow Sleep Specialists can help you

You’re not in this alone! Our Glow Sleep Specialists are here and ready to help you get the best results out of your Glow Dreaming. Not only are they here to support you in getting your child to sleep, they are experts in getting your Glow Dreaming to work for you, and your routine.  For some, the Glow Dreaming can work almost instantly and for others it can take up to 6 nights. This is completely normal as your child adjusts to their new sleep inducing environment. We wanted to not only design and develop a product that actually works, but to provide our customers with complete support. That’s why we offer a 28 day refund policy, because we truly believe our Glow Sleep Specialists can get your Glow Dreaming to work for you. When you purchase a Glow Dreaming, you become part of our family. We will go above and beyond to help you and your child get some golden zees, so please if you aren’t seeing positive changes after 6 nights with your Glow Dreaming, please get in touch via our parent hub.

About our Glow Sleep Specialists

Steven is our leading glow sleep specialist and customer care manager. Steven has a diverse background, this provides us and our customers with a unique perspective into sleep and relaxation. With a background in psychology, nutrition, sports science and a decade worth of practical experience as a strength and conditioning coach for elite level Australian athletes, Steve has the answers for the most challenging child sleep questions. Steven brings science and an in depth understanding of the mind and body to provide an extra level of support to the success of your Glow Dreaming, and your child’s sleep. Taylor has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology, she is a key member of our Glow Sleep Specialist Team. Taylor works with some of our more challenging sleep cases, helping to not only bring the best out of the Glow Dreaming device, but bring her Psychology experience into play by engaging in in-depth conversation to help provide a more encompassing solution when needed.  Taylor has now personally helped close to 1000 customers find the sleep they’ve been looking for with her customised sleep solutions Rohan is our newest Glow Sleep Specialist! Rohan has already helped thousands of customers find the sleep they need, with their Glow Dreaming devices and sleep routines. He's also our top scorer when it comes to positive customer feedback. Cara is the heart, soul and founder of Glow Dreaming. The personality you see throughout our social media and website has been based around Cara’s actual personality. Cara has now helped close to 30,000 customers find the sleep they need. It’s not just her vast knowledge and understanding of sleep, but Cara’s compassion and empathy that has made Glow Dreaming the success it is today. Cara truly strives to bring sleep to those that need it most. Each and every day you’ll find Cara providing the best solution to the most difficult situation, even when she’s meant to be on holiday! Learn more about the science behind Glow Dreaming